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Any time your appetite goes out of control, it's because you want to feel more energetic, more relaxed, or in a better mood. Intuitively, your cravings are for the exact food that will produce the desired effect. (Doreen Virtue)


The foods we crave are often those which provide an unnatural 'high' (followed by a 'low'), transient energy or may actually cause you to feel more stressed due to feelings such as guilt or tiredness that follow.


We were born with an innate ability to monitor the type and amount of food we crave in order to ensure our body is able to function at the optimum levels of performance. Sometimes we can become out of touch with the true physical sensations of hunger and fullness - this ability can become overridden for various reasons and eating the wrong foods or larger amounts of food can develop into a habit which we find difficult to break, even if we become experts at dieting!


Once you uncover the source you can then take the appropriate action to begin to deal with your weight management effectively. Over time, negative habits and eating patterns can be replaced with positive ones.


Most people have habitual behaviour and not necessarily a deep-rooted problem.


Excessive weight can lead to:


●     High risk of stroke


●     Sleep apnoea


●     Risk of heart attack


Hypnotherapy can help in various ways to:







●      Change how you feel about what you eat ie. to eat healthier.


●      Change your eating patterns.


●      Gain control over your cravings in a way that doesn't depress you.


●      Develop a healthy and positive relationship with food and exercise.


●      Reduce your cravings.


●      Increase your willpower.


●      Increase your confidence to make changes to become slimmer and healthier.


●      Find out why you have difficulties with weight management                                


●      Make permanent changes to the way that you view food.














and leave old habits and behaviours behind.






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As part of a calorie controlled programme






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