The past is not the closed book it is thought to be;

                     memories of it are woven into our 'now'. (White Eagle)


Regression (hypno-analysis) is an extremely powerful and therapeutic analytical technique which allows you to safely explore and work with past memories. Through hypnotic regression you can go back to a time when your problem first started and by re-experiencing what was happening to you at that time, you can learn how to deal with the situation differently. Regression can help you to gain insight from that situation, to heal and to move on.


The aim of regression ~ whether in this life or in a past life ~ is to help heal inner conflicts and fears.







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 Regression Therapy

The aim of past life regression therapy, as with other therapeutic interventions, is to facilitate a resolution of your presenting problem or problems. Past life regression therapy is an extremely good therapy for those who feel they are drawn into unwanted patterns of behaviour or relationships.


As individuals, we are far more than we understand ourselves to be in our present lifetime. It is possible that we have had many different lives and, therefore, our previous life experiences can be countless. Past life regression therapy can offer physical and emotional healing and insight that few other healing modalities are able to do.


Through our experiences we grow, change and become as we evolve into something more wise and wonderful than we can imagine








Past Life Regression Therapy

What is Past Life Regression?


Many of us are intrigued by stories we may have read or heard about with regard to people being regressed into another time in history and taking on the personality and knowledge of another character.  The facts received from a past life are often very detailed and appear to be accurate, but there is no explanation as to how the hypnotic subject gained that information. The only way to prove whether the past life is real is if there are any researchable facts that can be investigated. However, even if the past life is felt to be symbolic, the experience of that life will take on an emotional reality that allows a healing of the presenting issues to take place. It is often the case that what the client sees in a past life is being paralleled in what is happening for them in this life.


The concept of reincarnation and of past-life regression relates to many branches of science and there are differing theories with regard to how past life regression works. Many people believe in reincarnation, which suggests that we have lived before, and that these memories can be accessed through hypnosis. Jungian psychology suggests that we have memories stored in our 'collective unconscious' and that memories are passed down to us from our ancestors which can be re-experienced during past life regression. Accessing past lives allows us to influence them by helping our past self to resolve the unresolved issues that occurred in that life. Alternatively, others believe that we have a genetic memory in which certain memories are encoded within our genes and when you experience a past life regression those memories are recalled from our DNA to be experienced again. Another perspective suggests that, during past life regression therapy, we dissociate from our issue by creating a new existence in our mind from various parts of our present memory ie we create a person and an existence through which we can metaphorically 'observe' our problem and it's solution and the distance from which we observe provides protection whilst our unconscious mind provides ways in which we can deal with our problem.


Whatever your belief, past life regression therapy has proven to be a powerful resource and the work carried out during Past Life Regression Therapy can be very profound and moving and will have a lasting impact that can facilitate change for the better.


Who Comes for Past Life Regression?


Clients look to receive past life regression for various reasons. Some may just be interested in retrieving the experiences of previous existences for their own sake. Others might believe that issues in their current life are linked to their previous lives, whilst some will have received hypnotherapy (or other therapies) to no avail - their symptoms are still persisting.


What Happens During Past Life Regression Therapy?


Initially, your details will be discussed and the reason for therapy explored. It is during this time that you can ask any questions you may wish to raise and your responsiveness within trance will be explored.


During past life regression therapy a trance-state will be induced and your unconscious mind will take you back to an important time in a life relevant to your problem - a time that will provide you with understanding and will be beneficial to you in this life so that you can bring back things you can work on, if necessary. You will pass through the death of that life in order to understand ways in which the death in that life could be influencing your life today eg. you may have been starved to death and now have a weight problem, or you may have lost your life through drowning, which could result in a fear or phobia of water in this life.


Often it is through gaining understanding from a past life that can enable you to move on from a problem in this life. However, this is not true for everybody and so, if necessary, you will be given the opportunity to allow your spirit, as it leaves your body, to return to that life and heal whatever needs to be healed. You will also be enabled to sever the tie to that past life to ensure that it will no longer influence you or allow the problem to return.


You will then be formally brought out of the past life, bringing with you any positive learning that that life gave you to help you in your current life.











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